Analysis Research Group

There is a strong tradition for Analysis at St Andrews, notably in the mid 20th century under the leadership of Professors Turnbull and Copson. Professor Copson retired in 1969, and the present Analysis Group was established in the mid-1990s with the appointment of Kenneth Falconer followed by Lars Olsen. The Group has successfully consolidated itself over the past 10 years and created an exciting and vibrant environment: recruitment of postgraduate students is flourishing, and the research output of the Group is novel and exciting, with several new strands of research being developed.

The group's interests include:

  • Geometric Measure Theory and Fractal Geometry.

  • Dynamics and Ergodic Theory.

  • Multifractal Geometry.

  • Metric Number Theory.

  • Differential Equations on Fractals.
  • Stochastic Processes.

  • Noncommutative Fractal Geometry.

  • Thermodynamical Formalism.

  • Group Theory and Fractals.