Alex D.D. Craik

Alex D.D. Craik retired in October 2003 and is now an emeritus professor.

Alex Craik has two main areas of research: fluid mechanics, and the history of mathematics and its applications.

His long-standing research interests in fluid mechanics mainly concern wave motion and hydrodynamic stability theory.

He has written a monograph 'Wave Interactions and Fluid Flows' (Cambridge University Press, 1985) and numerous research papers, some of which are listed below.

Most of his current research is on the history of mathematics and mathematicians. His publications in this area focus mainly on the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Several of these relate to Scottish-born or Scottish-based mathematicians.

In 2007, he published the book ‘Mr Hopkins’ Men: Cambridge reform and British mathematics in the 19th century’, Springer, hardback £65, softback £25 (see below).



'Wave Interactions and Fluid Flows'.  Cambridge University Press series on Mechanics and Applied Mathematics.  322pp. 1985 (hardback), 1988 (paperback).

Mr Hopkins’ Men: Cambridge reform and British mathematics in the 19th century’. Springer, London etc. 405pp. 2007 (hardback), 2008 (flexicover).

Papers on fluid mechanics since 1991
: [Nos. 1-41 are pre-1990; book reviews and popular articles are excluded]

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