G M Phillips

- A brief CV -

George McArtney Phillips was born in Torry, Aberdeen

on 30 July 1938.

On 4 July 1961 George Phillips and Rona Irvine were married

in King's College Chapel, Aberdeen.

They lived in their native city until 1962, when it was time to

say "Tatatitore, baibai Aiberdeen".

(See below for the "cultural link" about the Doric.)


Walker Road School, Torry (founded 1896)

Aberdeen Grammar School (founded 13th century)

University of Aberdeen (founded in 1495):

Graduated M.A. (1960) and M.Sc. (1961).
His M.Sc. dissertation "Partitions into a Fixed Number of Parts"
was supervised by Sir Edward Wright.

Graduated Ph.D. (1969) from the University of St Andrews (founded 1411).

He lectured at the University of Southampton (which

became a full University in 1952) from 1963 to 1967,

before returning to Scotland, taking up his post in the

University of St Andrews in 1967.

George Phillips has enjoyed many fruitful collaborations

with mathematicians at home and abroad. His collaboration

with Peter Taylor began with a shared course of lectures at the

University of Southampton circa 1963, and led to two books

and several joint papers.

Cultural link. All native Aberdonians have some proficiency in the Doric,

the dialect of Scots spoken in the Buchan area, the North-East of Scotland.

Click here for some poems in the Doric.

The crest pictured above is that of the University of St Andrews.

The pictures are all of Aberdeen. From top to bottom :

King's College

Union Bridge looking West

Union Bridge looking East

The Castlegate